Are LOLCats and Internet Memes Art? | Idea Channel | PBS

In this video found on YouTubePBS Idea Channel ( originator of my 2nd post also ) discusses whether or not Internet Memes and the like are forms of art. They bring up quotes from philosophers such as, Aristotle, in defense that they are works of art regardless if they are seen as “beautiful” or not. PBS Idea Channel brings up how that many people who make these Memes don’t view their work as art at all. My opinion? Although I enjoy Memes as much as anyone else I wouldn’t go as far to say that they are  fine art- however since graphic design and other computer based fields can be seen as art, and do require artistic ability to execute they could in fact be classified as art. Of course there are better Memes than others, we all have seen some that make no sense at all and we all scratch our heads in wonder, but there are some that we all “Lol” to and enjoy the presence of. Since art is an ever evolving field we can’t go as far to say that only fine art or traditional art is the only thing that can be classified as art. People looked at Andy Warhol in wonder and would scoff at his idea of “art” and now a few years later his art is highly sought after. I’m not saying an internet meme holds the same value as a Warhol artwork, but just because someone’s creation is different than yours or mine doesn’t disqualify it from being art. But would I ever purchase an internet Meme and hang it on my wall or go see a show of them in a gallery? Probably not.

Post By Becky Plungis


3 thoughts on “Are LOLCats and Internet Memes Art? | Idea Channel | PBS

  1. I find this clip to be funny, but true. Art doesn’t really have a definition. I find that to believe what people post on the internet by YouTube or ifunny is art, but I guess with the use of imagination it is art.
    posted Lauren Hopper

  2. When I read this paragraph, my opinion was originally that LOLcats and internet memes were not art. I look at many memes, however I do not believe that they are very creative.
    After watching the clip, it makes sense that they are art, but they art not fine art as you say. I do not believe these could be sold and collected like Andy Warhol’s work. But it is a popular form of art sweeping the internet.

    Posted By Brian Hays

  3. Hey cool post! I would argue that his use of philosopher’s definitions of art might not be applicable to the internet as the internet may have blown their minds a little … Andy’s factory, however was an interesting comparison.

    Very good.

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