Life As A Social Media Major: Tweeting For A Grade, But No Credit For Facebook Stalking

A relatively new article on the Huffington Post TECH discusses a new program at Newberry College allowing students to major in Social Media. Tania Sosiak, the founder of the school’s social media program, answers questions about the program and determines the differences from other communication programs, and how she believes it is important to today’s society.

She says the students will take a blend of graphic design, communications, marketing, business, psychology and statistics courses, then four new social media courses. These courses (much like here at Eastern) will be incorporate things like a senior capstone class, as well as a computer science social media publishing platforms class.

Although having a student only major in social media seems a bit wild, I believe that due to the increasing importance of social media it is a step in the right direct for schools to acknowlege this. Personally, I would not solely major in social media, but if Eastern was to offer a social media major, it would be a great option as a second major.


Posted by Lindsay LaChance


2 thoughts on “Life As A Social Media Major: Tweeting For A Grade, But No Credit For Facebook Stalking

  1. This is actually pretty interesting, i’ve seen many companies outsourcing the social media creation and maintenance to others who only deal with social media rather than having the graphic designers or marketing department take care of it. In a prior job of mine, personally, the marketing team had the responsibility of social media on their plate along with other duties. Now, there are so many social media means that it was starting to become a full time job, so the creation a social media specific job was needed. I believe a major is extremely helpful because many companies may begin to have positions specifically related to only social media, although, I do think that it would be better suited to be a MINOR for those in marketing or graphic design. I like how the social media course list includes graphic design, communications, marketing, business, psychology and statistics courses and I think those entering marketing would benefit greatly from this.
    Posted by Tiffany Calkins

  2. A social media major is an interesting concept, as many new social media jobs are popping up. I am assuming that being a social media major doesn’t just mean you are in class tweeting all day. However, I wonder if spending money on an education that focuses on free-web-based communication is a good choice. Couldn’t you just get a graphic design and/or marketing major and spend your own time watching youtube tutorials that teach you how to use twitter?

    Great post!
    – Jamie

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