In Defense of Zero Dark Thirty

What attracted me to this article was the underlying themes within Michael Moore’s review.  He poses an interesting question, instead of asking whether or not torture works shouldn’t we be asking “is torture wrong?”  Moore reviews the movie Zero Dark Thirty in a positive light.  However, throughout the article he criticizes the old presidential regime for allowing certain torturing practices to be allowed and enforced by the CIA.  In addition, Moore praises the current presidential regime for disengaging from such practices and actually doing real police work in finding their target.  I found this article interesting in that that he melded a movie review with some political commentary, which truly makes you think.

Chick Flick?

Zero Dark Thirtya movie made by a woman (Kathryn Bigelow), produced by a woman (Megan Ellison), distributed by a woman (Amy Pascal, the co-chairman of Sony Pictures), and starring a woman (Jessica Chastain) is really about how an agency of mostly men are dismissive of a woman who is on the right path to finding bin Laden. Yes, guys, this is a movie about how we don’t listen to women, how hard it is for them to have their voice heard even in these enlightened times. You could say this is a 21st century chick flick — and it would do you well to see it”.

Read Michael Moore’s full article on Huffington Post by clicking here.

Iñaki Ormaechea



3 thoughts on “In Defense of Zero Dark Thirty

  1. Iñaki,
    Great post. I didn’t even know this movie existed.
    How does this movie relate to social media? The Internet? How we communicate via the internet?
    On topic or not, this article is really great — thanks for posting and changing up the conversation a bit.

  2. This movie was a great movie and well i didn’t know about the extra female roles but I agree the main female lead was great. But I think I can sort of answer Jamie’s questions. In the movie (and in real life) the plot and objective was to track down bin Laden and kill him. During the first half to two thirds of the movie the CIA is using trying to find bin Laden through finding key personal to lead them to bin Laden. The connection of social media to this movie might be better answered though a lack of social media. In our world, the government could easily hack and track individuals through email, twitter, facebook whatever. But because of the lack of online media our government couldn’t find him for the longest time. So in an alternate world we bin Laden used social media in his hiding we would have to wonder how fast we could have found him. Here is a link to a Ted Talks that shows how easy it to track someone just but having access to their phone records.
    I hope this was helpful

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