“How to Say ‘Look at Me!’ to an Online Recruiter”

New York Times article

This article was interesting in the way of getting noticed by people looking for special skills in their businesses. This article explains that the social media era has changed and that job hunters have to be aware of the changes to beware of the seekers. According to the New York Times article job seekers are not even bothering to post jobs online they are just searching your name and seeing what comes up and how much art work you have posted or the amount of job experience you have had or even if you have a blog of your life’s work in a way. Being aware of all the terms of social media is an advantage in the world today and makes job searching easier. This article was very informing of the changes that are ahead and that have already become real to many companies searching for a fresh artist and who knows those artists might just be one of us and we do not even know it yet. I am glad I came across this article it was informing and easy to understand.

Post by: Danielle Cleaver


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