Facebook as Tastemaker

I chose this article because after reading I found it somewhat weird that Facebook is trying to target and influence the decisions we make in our own life. When the author said “Facebook, in short, aims not to be a Web site you spend a lot of time on, but something that defines your online — and increasingly offline — life.” I almost was annoyed, I just never thought of Facebook like that. I am not the biggest Social Media person in the world, but this just struck me as odd.

To read the whole article click HERE

-Mike Taylor


2 thoughts on “Facebook as Tastemaker

  1. This article is extremely interesting, I have always thought it was going to end up being a huge marketing and advertising tool for many companies, and a lucrative one at that. FaceBook already has advertisements on the side column that are tailored to your searches and interests already. Mine are all about personal training, bodybuilding and links to supplement companies. I am not sure how I feel about them changing the entire website to begin being very marketing and profit driven. I am really unsure if people will stop using the site, or if it’ll make it more popular. Personally, if I prefer a brand, or use their merchandise, I will “like” them on facebook and follow their posts about new merchandise and whats going on in the company.. but that’s about it. I’m not sure if I would enjoy brands being shoved down my throat by my “friends” on FaceBook. To me, FaceBook is just a website, and my life is my life. It already annoys me that people are like, “OMG did you see what so-and-so did on FaceBook? Who they liked? Who’s in a relationship with who!?” It’s already made it’s mark in the real world, I think this will make it worse and many will not continue to use FaceBook.
    -Tiffany Calkins

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