Concerned with Jobs asking for social media password? California is a safe zone now

California just passed legislation that will prevent employers from demanding the social media passwords of employees current and potential — and, at the same time, prevent institutions of higher education from demanding the same of their students. Yesterday, Jerry Brown signed two bills into law. The first, AB-1844, prevents employers from asking their staff for their social media usernames or passwords (and, in another iteration, from logging into social media in their presence). The second, SB-1349, extends that protection to students at California’s many private and public colleges and universities. As Brown put it in a Facebook post, “California pioneered the social media revolution. These laws protect Californians from unwarranted invasions of their social media accounts.”

I know we have been on the job hunt and we have all come across the issue of our employer/employer to be asking for our social media. This may seem harmless at first but it could be the difference between you getting a job or back to sending out resumes. All it takes is one picture of harmless fun for your employer to change their mind about you. I know this has cause many of us to change our facebook name’s so our employers cant find us but now many ask for account information so they can log into our page and see our page with nothing hidden from them. Which in turn has cause us to delete our facebooks and twitters (and so on) entirely. I glad that CA is taking a step forward against this, I think that our private life and work life should have a division between the two.

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Kevin McLaughlin



4 thoughts on “Concerned with Jobs asking for social media password? California is a safe zone now

  1. Wow! I’ve heard of employers looking at your social media accounts but I never realized how severe it actually is. I’m in shock that employers are allowed to ask you for your personal password. You should have the right to keep your social media life private from your professional life. Facebook started out as a social media site to connect and keep in touch with friends. Now that Facebook has expanded nothing is off limits. If employers can ask you for your password to log onto your page then “privacy settings” are useless. I haven’t had to deal with an employer asking for any of my passwords yet, but I hope this law spreads quickly because I feel this is a huge invasion of privacy.

    Christina Broccoli

  2. I really agree with Christina, I never would have thought employers would even ask for passwords and or account information. There should be some level of privacy between personal life and the work place. The thought of loosing a job or opportunity due to information found on a social media outlet such as twitter or Facebook seems absurd to me. I see how a employer would like to check up on his or her employees, but asking for personal passwords is crossing the line. There have been many times when we have discussed the importance of knowing what pictures, and information is posted on Social Media sites, It just seems bizarre to me that employers have taken it to a level where it was felt necessary to create laws to stop it. Its good to know that there is some protection being implemented to keep the separation between the workplace and home life.
    Mike Taylor

  3. I knew that there were law enforcement agencies that used social networking to catch criminals. However, I did not know employers could ask for your password. My employer does use social networking sites already. If your page is not private they will see what you posted and when you posted it. If its done on the clock you could get suspended or fired. But asking for your personal password is crossing the line. Essentially your social networking page is you i.e. your personality, pictures, words, even as far as where you go and when. I would not give my social security number away.

    Posted by Brian Hays

  4. Kevin,
    Wow, great post. Employers with passwords? Logging into our FB’s? Woh.

    I mean, there should be a happy medium though, right? For example, maybe those party pics of you mud wrestling a badger never really need to be on the internet? When should we keep things to ourselves? And … how policed should we be?

    Great thoughts everyone.

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