Clayton Lord : Social Media and the Arts: a groundbreaking new study

In the article Social Media and the Arts : A Groundbreaking New Study by Clayton Lord, He writes about a study commissioned by the Theater Bay Area.

The average arts organization is active on three social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and uploads 66 new pieces of content each month.

I thought this article was interesting because social media has brought the art world to another level. Because of all the promotion, newer artists can become popular in a matter of months. I never has realized so many companies/artists use social media sites.

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Posted by Brian Hays


2 thoughts on “Clayton Lord : Social Media and the Arts: a groundbreaking new study

  1. I agree with this article especially Clayton Lord’s opinion on social media . He says, “it’s not really a way to directly sell tickets. It’s a way to engage, to have conversations, to make people remember your organization. Over time, at least in theory, that repeat recognition of the company outside of those moments when the patron is not directly buying a ticket leads to more relative value being placed on your organization when the time comes to buy.” I think focusing on interacting with people rather than just posting about your work can really engage people and can be the key factor to your success and turning a customer into a loyal fan.

    Christina Broccoli

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