Art? An event? Food Fight!

Many of you have been asking me about the event you’re going to have to host on behalf of your persona. Think outside the box, this is your chance to re-imagine the concept of an event.

Here’s an example of an art project that generated a truly epic event:


Spectrum of Inevitable Violence (2010 – 12) by Caitlin Berrigan 

‘Spectrum of Inevitable Violence’ is a choreography in quiet paranoia that explodes into irreverence and revolt. This installation and public performance invites participants to survey and analyze their class background across four categories of power: Socioeconomic Status, Cultural Capital, Class Status, and Social Mobility. The resulting scores are mapped onto a four quadrant stage that serves as territory to defend in a dynamic confrontation—with food as ammunition.

More on Spectrum of Inevitable Violence.


Post by Jamie.


One thought on “Art? An event? Food Fight!

  1. Spectrum of Inevitable Violence
    At first glance I thought the event was a bit too personal. If I had to answer questions relating to my debt, education and upbringing, I would have more than likely turned around and gone home. After viewing the event I realized at least from my perspective, that I have specific life issues but these issues shouldn’t be what makes me who I am but rather things I should embrace but not affect me as an individual. Sometimes all we have to do is listen to some mariachi music and throw food at each other. It seemed like the recruits were having fun and I wouldn’t have mined releasing some stress by throwing some pasta on someone.
    If I had to be completely honest the event seemed a little weird at first but as it played out I understood the message of what we think is important really isn’t that big a deal at all.

    Iñaki O.

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