5 Rules For Artists Using Social Media

Well, the first thing I found funny about this article was the authors last name is the same as mine! Author Devon Hopkins posted this on www.FidelisArtPrints.com.

Aside from that, I found this post so informative. To start off, as the author explained, “Social media literacy is an essential skill for all artists to master. ” The ability to actively communicate with your public, through promoting your artwork or events you may be involved in is important. It is so critical to be able to thoroughly understand how each of these social media websites work in their own ways. Since Facebook and Twitter work in different ways and can do different things, we must learn how they do work in order to get the correct message across, in the correct and most beneficial way.

Everybody should really read this post if they intend of using social media as an effective source.
Read more here.

Hope you find it interesting! Let me know what you all think!

Posted by: Lindsay Hopkins


2 thoughts on “5 Rules For Artists Using Social Media

  1. This was a great post, all of the tips were very useful in my opinion. I think the last tip about not over committing to ten different social media platform is the best idea. I myself (and im sure everyone else) reads their favorite blog post about everyday or every other day. I take a lot of enjoyment in there being new content up everyday. Now if the author started to fall behind on his blog because he was juggle other his other social media, I would most likely get bored and go to new blog that was much more consistent with updates. I also like tip number one because in an era where so much interaction happens online you want to have a strong connection with other online users to help support and build the community around you.

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