Tips on Using Social Networking Sites

In this blog post “How Visual Artists Can Use Social Media To Get Famous (Sorta)” by Julie Neidlinger, she gives many simple tips on what to do, where to post to get the most people’s attention, and how to be quick an efficient while posting. She also gives a time line about how often you should update to keep your fans interested.

In as little as 15 minutes a day, visual artists can build an active fan base around their art.

This article was interesting to me because I did not realize how simple and quick building a fan base can be. Once you put your artwork out there people will begin to share it. Then it can be all over the world in a matter of minutes depending on the traffic of the social networking site. Social media is the most efficient way to promote an artists work.

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Posted by Brian Hays


3 thoughts on “Tips on Using Social Networking Sites

  1. Hey Brian, I like your post. It shows great information about how social media can benefit artists, though there are some risks like copyright issues, there are many pros as well, like TONS of advertisement, ability to share images of your work to get people interested, the ability to sell, and network with other artists. The internet is a great tool that can and should be utilized by artists. It is also an encouraging article because it points out that if artists use social media and utilize all of its components, or websites such as twitter, facebook, linkedin, that artists really have the ability to get their name out there and gain a fan base.

    Post By Becky Plungis

  2. Hi, Brian. I thought your post was really interesting because of the many different types of artists who can utilize social media sites to create and maintain a fan base. The fact that spreading the word about your artwork or piece of work is right at your finger tips and, as you said, takes as little as 15 minutes a day to build a fan base, is really incredible. People are so connected to each other through social media all the time and can spread the word quickly to everyone around them. Also, as Becky mentioned, there is room for a lot of advertisement on the Internet. While some artists may not use a specific page to showcase their work, they can purchase space on Facebook or YouTube as an advertiser to gain attention.

    Post By Michael Taylor

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