Social media bring people together — in the real world

“Millions of people all over the country are turning to the Internet — so they can get off the Internet.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which focus on keeping peoples’ social interactions online, a growing number of social-networking sites are helping users take online connections offline.

The idea is simple: make your initial meeting online. Then meet in person, in the real world.”

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I found this article on USA Today by Natalie DiBlasio featuring entrepreneurs like Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano whom created “Grubwithus.” Which is a social dining network that brings people together over tasting menus at restaurants. Even though its not free like facebook I think this is a very good idea to network and interact face to face using social media.

Post by: Christina Broccoli


2 thoughts on “Social media bring people together — in the real world

  1. I think this is a good start to something awesome. Lots of issues have arouse where people become dependent on their online relationships, and eventually become unable to socially function at the same pace. People sometimes seem to develop an online version of themselves, and a real life version of themselves that can sometimes be dramatically different. Pushing towards social media sites like this can help decrease the dependency on online personalities.

    Posted by Lindsay LaChance

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