Social Media & It’s Importance in Retirement Planning

When discussing social media, instantly can swarm thoughts and ideas of it’s influence on the current generation, and how the world has changed since being connected through the internet. Although for those in older generations are in a constant struggle to keep up with the always changing technology, a blog post on discusses the importance of social media in retirement planning.

It discusses social media as a way of keeping up with those in your social network, not only  on a social aspect, but as a way to keep track of where those in your network are working, where they are traveling, what are they buying and where they are investing and even how they are planning for their retirement.

The article claims that experts believe people using social media helps them gain information on how their peers are planning for their retirement years, and helps people in making decisions for their own retirement plan. As much as it can be a help in keeping one in the loop of how, what, and when are the best times to retire, it also stresses not to get carried away with what others are doing, and to set your own retirement goals. Social media is becoming more and more as a validation tool, and a way to stay connected to those around you.


Posted by Lindsay LaChance


2 thoughts on “Social Media & It’s Importance in Retirement Planning

  1. I have never thought about using social networking as a means to invest money. I think this is a great idea. Because of the internet, you can tell what sites people are visiting and even what they are spending their money on. This way, one can use the information to then turn around and invest it in the same products/companies. Or even invest in a new up-and-coming product before stocks skyrocket.

    Post by Brian Hays

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