Professors Say There is No Privacy on Social Media Web Sites

There is no privacy on Social Media sites, regardless of your settings. While social media is an incredibly useful tool to artists, and many other professionals, to get their ideas out to followers and the world, users need to understand that anyone can gain access to your posts and content regardless of privacy settings. This is incredibly important among the younger generation of social media users  due to their immaturely, but can affect professionals who are not careful and could cause potential problems for current or future employment.

I chose this article because many of us in this class are nearing graduation, and all of us have one or more social media accounts. Many employers are using this, and can gain access to your entire account and base the majority of their hiring decision on your posts and pictures. I have personally had this happen while applying for a graphic design position my second year of school. During my interview I was asked to provide my online portfolio, and while typing in the address I noticed their previous search for my Facebook account. Just think twice before you post, as this article states, things of the past can find it’s way into your future via social media.

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Posted by Tiffany Calkins


One thought on “Professors Say There is No Privacy on Social Media Web Sites

  1. Tiffany,
    This is a super interesting post. The whole job-application-being-trumped-by-facebook-thing … yeah, that has happened to me too! You’re post is very relevant for the next portion of this class.
    Keep it up!

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