Pinterest for Artists

This article posted by Ysmay, an internationally collected artist and the CEO of on explains how artists can use Pinterest, ‘the coolest, hippest new social networking site’ to portray and promote their creative work and how to do it effectively. If done right, millions of Pinterest users will have the potential of viewing things you have created. According to the Ysmay, it is THE social network to be on right now!

Pinterest can also be very inspirational!

Posted by: Jessica Kennedy


2 thoughts on “Pinterest for Artists

  1. This article stood out to me first and foremost on the front page of our blog because I am an avid Pinterest user myself. I have found a number of design ideas and interesting fonts that have helped me in my major. If you search keywords, you can find virtually anything that sparks your interest. Just recently, I did some research on Pinterest to find graphic designer’s logos and how they promote their name/brand. It helped me obtain a better understanding of how artists today are promoting themselves and made it easier for me to come up with a concept for my own design. The points the author makes in the article are very helpful for someone who may have not gained experience with Pinterest before, as well as gives tips for those who have. Overall, interesting article!

    Posted by: Nicole Romeo

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