Growing Up Clueless

Growing Up Clueless – How Your Persona Can Be Your Purpose: Dana Oshiro at TEDxSanLuisObispo

Dana Oshiro explains how the information you share online can morph into your purpose in life. As Senior Manager of Media Analysis and Publishing Strategy for inPowered, Oshiro offers engagement and social media insights to 4500 technology bloggers and 200 sites including MacRumors, Phandroid and 9to5Mac. She is a member of the Silicon Valley Democracy Project where she consults regularly with the White House Office of Engagement on online public service initiatives. In her spare time she writes for Mashable, ReadWriteWeb and her personal blog VillagersWithPitchforks. You can follow Dana on Twitter at @suzyperplexus.

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Posted by: Prof Uretsky


One thought on “Growing Up Clueless

  1. I think this in a way is a talk about web manners, because people all compete with each other rather than work together for common good. I really like the suggestions Oshiro made about bumping up other peoples’ good information to give it credit and to contact an author if something is incorrect, rather than bashing them in the comments. We all have a different perception of ourselves than from what other people think of us… I was told once that self-portraits are really tough to draw because you’ll never see yourself 100% accurately. I think this is true throughout life, and that we need to work to line up our self-perceptions with what other people think of us.

    Posted by Jordan Moore

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