Turning the Internet Into An Art Gallery


This is a video of one man named Rafaël Rozendaal. He uses the internet as his canvas. He buys a domain name based off of each of his ideas and visitors from around the world have the opportunity to see his gallery…online. It seams to me like he started this because he did not like the idea of selling his original artwork. Instead of becoming a printmaker to print multiples, he buys a domain name so that everyone can see it. People can buy these works too. He says it’s “kind of like owning a public sculpture and having your name at the bottom of it in a public park.” I like Rafaël’s approach to the internet and using it as his canvas. I find this video very interesting, I recommend others to watch it and gain some inspiration!

For this artist, the internet is his canvas. This is the role the internet plays in his life, and for those who view his work.

This video was found on YouTube & Created by the “Creators Project

Rafaël Rozendaal

* Image used is a screen shot from the above video.

Post By : Becky Plungis


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