Social Media in Plain English

I find this short clip to be really interesting on how it describes Social Media to Ice Cream. I think of social Media in the same way that it is a way people can communicate with each other and provided information or in this case reviews on the different kind of ice creams. I also like how they introduced the town before it had different kinds of ice cream which was like the world when we only had a few ways of communicating, the different kinds of ice cream expresses the technology changing and the suggestion boards would be like social media today.

posted by Lauren Hopper


2 thoughts on “Social Media in Plain English

  1. Lauren, Nice post! This is a really creative video explaining how social media benefits everyone. As a visual learner I like how the video was very illustrative. What I found interesting and learned was that before the new ice cream flavors got invented aka the internet that the people were satisfied with the vanilla chocolate and strawberry flavors ( the old ways of communication. ) Once the new ice cream flavors (the internet, social media, ext…) got invented it benefited everyone, and people still enjoyed the old ways of communication ( vanilla, strawberry, chocolate ) but that the marriage of the two made both ways better.

    Post By Becky Plungis

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