The Migration of Social Exchange

ECSU prof James Holland wrote this rad article about bodies, exchange and social media … awesome stuff!

Read article here! 

James Cunning Holland is an artist and writer based in Western Massachusetts, whose work crosses disciplinary boundaries, combining movement, kinesthetic disciplines, and visual art forms. Holland presently teaches digital and performance art at Eastern Connecticut State University.


2 thoughts on “The Migration of Social Exchange

  1. This article first grabbed my attention because of the image, and then as I read more, I realized a Professor I had in the past was the author. James Holland was a Professor of mine freshman year at Eastern. He always had interesting ideas and taught his class in a modern way. In his article, he goes on to talk about how the physical body has become separate from what he calls the “data body.” Both of which are very real in their own way. To quote him exactly, he stated, “This data body, while effectively immaterial, is as functionally real as one’s physical being and identity.” I thought this was a cool concept because it reminded me of how much this “data body” has affected the way we interact with one another in our day to day lives. While someone could be one person online, or outright distort their true identity online, their physical body may be entirely different. It made me wonder how much social media has impacted not only our interactions with other people, but also ourselves.

    Posted by: Nicole Romeo

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