Seth Godin On Standing Out

In a world full of creators, how do you make your one tiny voice stand out among the masses? First, you watch this TED talk from marketing guru Godin. In this talk, Godin explains why people typically ignore ordinary stuff, and what exactly gets our attention. Specifically, Godin discusses why bad or bizarre ideas really stand out, even doing better than boring ones. If you really want to find out how to make your voice heard in social media and beyond, be sure to check out this talk.


2 thoughts on “Seth Godin On Standing Out

  1. The essence of this video is that it doesn’t necessarily matter if a company’s idea or patent is good; but in order to make money, companies need to make it clear why we as consumers need to purchase their products. A personal example for me would be Dunkin Donuts coffee. Almost every morning I have two cups of coffee before I leave the house, but as soon as I get on the road I have to stop and get my medium regular. Why, because Dunkin Donuts is on the run and so am I therefore Dunkin Donuts has made me into a loyal customer and I will probably always stop in before my work day Monday through Friday. In my opinion, Starbucks coffee tastes a little bit better and is actually closer to my house but I don’t stop their because I don’t identify with them, they are not on the run like me! At the heart of the video, the message is how remarkable a product can be and how it will impact our lives as consumers in a positive manner.

    Iñaki O.

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